LOCI 194. Reflection

Date: 2019
Scope: Design / Build
Locus: Dubai . UAE

Childhood stories, recited by loved ones throughout life and carved into our memories, have the power to define us. However, childhood stories are a subjective reconstruction; where the real is mixed with fantasy. Where a drop of joy, fear, love or anxiety often grows and takes over ones entirety.

Reflections” is an invite extended to our guests for accompanying our perfumers on a deep and personal journey. A journey that takes them back to their own childhood memories. In this exhibition 12 Mane perfumers, from around the world are exploring ingredients close to their hearts deeply rooted in their childhoods. They are using these ingredients to weave scents, which reconstruct the stories of their childhoods. These scents are the conduit, allowing visitors to reflect on their own memories and the distortions that lie within them.