Animal Welfare & Enrichment Center

The client brief is the creation of a new animal welfare center that provides veterinary facilities and support to animals in the region and to enrich the lives of both pets and their owners. The architectural response is pure and elemental – a series of volumes slip past each other to adapt to the irregular site, with a precast concrete structural façade system creating an open framework within which the multifunctional spaces are contained. The design has been developed in line with US standards of best practice for veterinary hospitals and centers. Circulation patterns for visitor, animal and staff are carefully layered within to ensure minimal cross-over, and a focus of the design is to link architecture, interior design and landscape in an animal friendly adapted approach.

The materiality is pure and robust – precast concrete façade, minimal openings to internal spaces to ensure adequate but controlled light and natural ventilation while minimizing sun exposure and heat build-up. Durable metal screens, textured plaster and glass are set within the concrete structure. Internally materials are durable and animal friendly – cool light terrazzo floors, animal friendly colors, bespoke concrete furniture and minimal but warm lighting ensure an open but stress-free environment for animals and humans.