LOCI 182. AquaArabia 2018

Name: AquaArabia – Mane Exhibition 2018
Date: 2018
Scope: Design / Build
Locus: Dubai . UAE

Water has the power to transform the environment in which it is trapped or through which it flows. It is the basic element of life anda basic accord in perfumery that embodies freshness, lightness and coolness in the world of scents.

Nine Mane perfumers across three creative centers and continents, Paris, NYC and Dubai, were entrusted with the mission of exploring the gentle powers of water and its interaction with Arabian accords.

Using Mane’s Aqua specialties and patented ingredients such as Red Algae Jungle Essence™ and Aqual™, the perfumers challenged the heavy and rich notes of Arabian perfumes. Unifying the contrasting elements of Aqua and Oriental to create ground breaking new notes.

The 12 creative works displayed in this exhibition represent dualism in all its glory, holding together in perfect but critical harmony Aqua and Arabia, AquArabia!

Photo Credit: Natelee Cocks Photography