LOCI 159 . HQ ‘Pavilion in the Park’

Name: HQ
Date: 2016
Area: 9290m2
Scope: Architecture & Interior Design
Locus: Dubai . UAE

This new state of the art retail & office headquarters is surrounded on all sides by residential blocks, between road and park. The intention was to create a pure elegant ‘pavilion in the park’ that is both autonomous and contextual. Strong visual and physical connections to the park are established at ground level with an internal ‘street’ linking the supermarket, shops and restaurant to the park. Daylight from large central skylights and extensive vertical wall gardens creates a bright, natural internal environment that has a close relationship to the exterior.

The massing and facade treatment is generated from the functions contained within, mostly solid at ground level punctuated by massive carved openings strongly announcing the entrances to the supermarket, office lobby and park, carved out of the base to visually draw users inside. Extensively glazed upper level offices are orientated around a central landscaped courtyard to maximize the views over the park. There is a mix of open plan offices and glass enclosed offices and meeting rooms. Breakout spaces, terraces and informal meeting areas promote communication and interaction across departments to provide a productive, creative and satisfying work environment.

The architecture and materiality is a direct response to context and local environment, with the solid base of textured precast concrete, with deep vertical grc fins to screen and protect the glazed facades from direct sunlight, reducing heat build up but allowing uninterrupted views. The MEP is carefully concealed in its own space at upper level, screened from view, with the entire roof surface covered by photovoltaic panels to generate electricity and offset the running costs of the building. Vertical wood elements act as natural ventilation panels and allow access to the interior courtyards, which provide dual aspect, and natural light to the high quality office spaces.