LOCI 146. Tashkeel Zen Garden

Name: Tashkeel Zen Garden
Date: 2017
Scope: Landscape Design
Locus: Dubai . UAE

LOCI Architecture and Design were commissioned by Tashkeel to renovate the former skate park adjacent to the organization’s main art center. The existing park lacked a sense of order or defined landscape, but was home to a number of existing mature Ghaf trees, which formed the focus of the design. The garden references traditional Japanese Rock Garden; typically a wall-enclosed garden, which includes carefully arranged rocks, water features, and gravel to represent water ripples. LOCI took this inspiration and combined it with patterns, colors and textures from the local Emirati context to create the new Tashkeel Zen Garden. The design centered on the natural elements of earth, fire, wind and water, evoking the concept of harmony, space, reflection, and the human self. The design incorporates the textures of sand grains, wooden boards, plant leaves and stones, reflecting each material’s natural characteristics. The garden landscape includes different varieties, textures and size of desert vegetation suitable for Dubai’s warm climate, complementing each other in their composition.