Name: Twin Villas
Date: 2017
Area: 1200 spm
Scope: Full Scope
Locus: Dubai . UAE

A pair of twin villas are located on adjacent plots in the developing residential area of Barsha. Set within a rectangular footprint of 15x30m, the villas were conceived as a reinterpretation of the traditional Emirati courtyard house. Out of the pure massive two-storey volumes, deep-set full-height openings and a variety of courtyard spaces are carved to provide maximum natural light and ensure privacy to the interior spaces.

Entering through stone walls, travertine steps slide out to draw into a small open courtyard which conceals the full height wood entrance door, creating a shaded threshold from the street. The ground floor living spaces are arranged around large and small courtyards positioned diagonally. A wood clad utility box separates the lounge from the kitchen and dining areas and conceals the service areas. An ensuite guest bedroom completes the ground floor accommodation. The first floor level contains two more ensuite bedrooms, separated from the large master suite by a central family lounge and study, all arranged around the enclosed courtyards.

A simple unembellished palette of materials is employed to reinforce the local concept of the house. Walls are rendered externally, a honed travertine floor is used throughout, iroko wood doors, screens and cladding contrast with the minimal interior and panoramic sliding windows maximize the connection to the exterior courtyards. The roof and walls are well insulated to protect the the internal spaces from sun exposure and reduce cooling requirement. An MEP terrace is carefully placed within the rear of the volume to conceal all technical equipment. Extensive landscaping with mature locally sourced trees and vegetation shade and protect the external pool area and terrace.