Hema Nayal:
Architect @ LOCI architecture design

An Architect with comprehensive experience in increasing design efficiency using BIM deliverables, methodologies and automating the construction documents preparation.

She is passionate about BIM processes and enthusiastic about how BIM is pushing present day construction industry into a new era; an era of Virtual Construction. A true believer of actually constructing the building virtually on machine before hitting the ground in order to achieve a fully coordinated well managed project. She propagates the benefits BIM brings to all phases of the project ranging from design, construction and operations.

She is a certified BIM user and involved in the delivery of BIM projects since 2005. She worked with Graphisoft partner India, Africa and Middle-east region. Graphisoft introduced industry first BIM software for Architects in 1984. There she closely worked with pioneers in BIM field and learnt a lot about various aspects of BIM processes and deliverables. She relocated to Dubai in late 2010. She has involved in managing various projects ranging from mixed-used high rise buildings to high-end residential projects using latest BIM tools.