Angela Borkhoche:
Interior Designer @ LOCI architecture design

Born and raised in the Emirates, Angela is a witness of the mass urban and architectural changes which took place. Having been inspired by the upbringing of the city of Dubai, at the age of 19, she moved to Lebanon; her home country, to pursue her degree in Interior Design at Notre-Dame University Louaize.

Angela is passionate about material and detail. She feels that genuine design gives birth to new systems of installation rather than being suppressed with existing techniques. Though not her style, Angela is baffled by deconstructionism and second skin design. Her aim, is to build a similar approach of these rebellious architectural acts which question geometric hypothesis and theories.

She strives for the event of an experience to draw people to her interiors by creating artistic and functional impact. After all, as the term Ontological Design implies, “what we design, designs us in return” and her achievements are met when inventive and visual knowledge create a medium at arms length.