Name: Motorcity Shopping Centre
Date: 2017
Area: 7200m2
Scope: Lead Consultant
Locus: Dubai . UAE

The 7,200 sqm. retail development program includes a large  supermarket, 21+ retail units, kiosk shops, ancillary facilities and 191 parking spaces. The building is arranged with the large supermarket volume providing presence to the main road, and the retail units set below a canopy which unifies the architecture and emphasises its horizontality. Access  to the site has been designed to ensure the greatest convenience for the visitor and maximum functionality for the  tenant’s deliveries and disposals. In addition, abundant parking has been provided in a number of locations to ensure easy access to each of the retail units.

The customer at the parking or drop-off area is guided to the supermarket along the shaded and landscaped pathway, or via an internal ‘street’ with skylights. The skylights help draw natural light that is diffused through curved translucent ceiling panels, forming an elegant promenade. The materiality of the project plays an important role in the design. The roof canopy is rendered externally and has vine planters along its edge to create a strong natural canopy. In addition, the external paving extends into the building and olive trees are placed along the route with wood benches, accentuating the street-like quality of the air-conditioned space. Large sections of full height glazing highlight the entrances of the main North facade and the F&B units.